A brand that re-thinks, re-designs, re-defines the motorcycle.

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Balanced forms, exhilarating experience.

The essential vision inspires the creation of the motorcycles and special parts, designed with attention to detail.
The aesthetic harmony of the creations transforms every kilometer traveled into a unique driving experience.

Essential function, committed to perfomance.

Each component is designed to guarantee performance, functionality and ergonomics of use.
The individual parts come together in a new bike, born from a meticulous redesign work, thought for riding pleasure and comfort.

First of all a perfect installation.

The careful selection of high quality materials and the tests carried out on the parts seek the constant simplicity of use and installation, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The result is a premium product.

Ergonomics Performance Aesthetics Essential Balance Motorcycle Technology Cafe Racer

Ergonomics Performance Aesthetics Essential Balance Motorcycle Technology Cafe Racer


Discover the Exelero , a café racer with contemporary lines, designed with great care. CAD drawn and produced with innovative technological solutions, the elegant and sharp shapes of its superstructures make it an avant-garde special, with a minimal look.

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